I strongly believe that diet has a major impact upon all aspects of health, not just digestive symptoms. For this reason a major emphasis of each patient’s individual treatment is given to dietary education and permanent positive changes, not only for relief from symptoms but also a lifetime of the best possible health and vitality.

Clinical nutrition

While we believe and teach that diet is the base for health and vitality, in certain illnesses or circumstances nutritional deficiencies develop to the point that we require correction via supplementation. Especially in long term illnesses there is a point where even the best diet can not supply what we need for the bodies repairing mechanisms. Nutritional deficiencies can occur due to lifestyle factors such as stress, poor diet or overcooking foods, alcohol and smoking, or due to use of pharmaceutical drugs. Some periods of life such as pregnancy or periods of growth require extra nutrients that may not be sufficient in the modern diet.

Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine has been used for centuries around the world to treat and prevent a wide variety of ailments. Nowadays there has been much scientific testing and validation to back up what our ancestors discovered for themselves. We use the highest quality liquid herbs to formulate personalised blends to treat all the bodily systems. Herbal medicine is also ideal to prevent illness. When a system is suffering, such as a digestive complaint, herbal medicine not only relieves symptoms, but also helps repair tissue to prevent further issues. By relieving symptoms and enhancing function, herbs help take the pressure off the body while it is ill so that time is allowed for the body to heal itself.


The structure of the iris (the coloured part of the eye) allows trained professionals to assess an individuals overall constitution and potential for health strengths and weaknesses. The iris indicates organs that may become burdened during times of stress or “less than ideal lifestyles.’ It gives us a key as to why an individual may develop certain health patterns and certain food groups that may cause a problem.