About Erika

Although she enjoys treating all aspects of health, Erika’s current studies and professional experience have allowed her to now focus on her what she feels most passionate about.

Erika most enjoys working with clients experiencing emotional disorders and high stress levels, especially linked to digestive complaints, and much of her work in private practice involves educating clients on the role that stress plays in their digestive health. Erika has a personal understanding of how good nutrition and natural remedies can improve mood and reduce related digestive disturbances.

Naturopath, Erika WisemanErika has a particular interest in working with food intolerances. Having experienced personal challenges there, she can empathise the impact this has both socially and physically, allowing her to can offer educational and practical tips as well as an understanding ear. Many clients feel overwhelmed when they discover what they can’t eat and wonder what they can, and Erika enjoys showing that restrictions don’t mean that means have to be boring!

Erika is also a qualified personal trainer, experienced in running corporate weight loss programs. As a naturopath, her knowledge of physiology and disease helps assess why some people struggle to lose weight no matter how hard they try. This allows for a naturopathic approach to treating the cause, thereby improving the outcome of exercise and nutritional improvements.

Erika is currently studying a Master of Public Health to further a career in community health. While studying this she also volunteers as a naturopath in drug and alcohol recovery and is also experienced in educating community health groups about nutrition as well as running cooking classes for clients on mental health programs. In doing so, to her surprise she realised she loved lecturing and now also lectures at Endeavour College of Natural Therapies, and Southern School of Natural Therapies in Melbourne.